A Book Lover’s Perfect Night

The air is cool, and night has arrived.

My apartment is quiet, and I am alone.

I am wrapped up in a blanket, with my favorite socks on my feet.

A book and a cup of coffee are waiting for me on my end table.

Yes, this is the life for me.

No drama, no noise, no stress.

Just me, this quiet environment and my escape into another world.

Yes, this is perfect.

This is a perfect night for me.


The Weekend is Over, and Another Week Starts

You have no idea how hard it was for me not to blog at all this weekend. By getting in the groove of writing a post Monday through Friday, I got used to sitting at my computer every night and typing out my thoughts from the day. When Saturday night came around, I felt lost, like I was missing out on seeing a great friend. This blog has in 5 days done something that most people in my life have not been able to do – it has made me trust it completely. This blog has become more than a thing I do each night . . . It has become a friend to me. Is that possible? Can a blog be a friend?

My mind was on a rampage Saturday! Lots of topics to discuss this week ran through my mind . . . And being the slacker I am, I did not write any of the topics down in my notebook. I know! I am a horrible person! I remember two of the ideas, but I cannot remember the others, and it is driving me crazy. You have to realize, though, that is has been a LONG time since I have written like this. My writing has been on hiatus and now, it has come back with a thirsty vengeance. It’s parched and the thirst needs to be quenched.

Unfortunately, writing for the other site did not happen. I am still stuck on a few ideas about it. Oh, and about that short story I wanted to write? It was not something I truly liked, and it eventually got scrapped for the moment. Stories come to me all the time, but the moment I try to get it on paper, it loses its steam, its momentum. Is it me? Am I doubting myself too much as a writer that it is causing me not to be as creative as I believe I can be? Doubt has a way of stopping you from moving forward, and the battle against doubt is never an easy one. It is a battle that must be fought because I am tired of it controlling my life. I need to know if this is something I can accomplish. How can you push through the doubt that parades itself in your head?  Do any of you have ultimate battles with doubt like I do, and if so, how do you come out as the victor?  I need some pointers!

Well,  sleepy time has arrived.  I will see you all tomorrow . . . and I can honestly say that knowing I will be sitting in my chair tomorrow night, typing away my nightly post to you is something I am looking forward to.

Until we meet again tomorrow, sleep well and have wonderful, fantastic dreams of peace and love. For those of you who are in a different time zone, if it is daytime, then have wonderful, fantastic daydreams of peace and love :-)


End of the Week Jams (9-19-14)

So, it is here – the end of the week.  This is also my last post for the week.  I figure blog posts from Monday through Friday would be enough for you.  I also want to work on my other site during the weekend because I think I have a short story itching to come out.  Hahaha – I say that now, and once I sit down to write it, my idea will go poof!   It happens every time.

As my last post of the week, I wanted to share with you what I will be listening to at work to end my week.  Music is awesome and makes the day go by faster. I only have a few songs for the playlist, but they are jams that will definitely get me through the day!

Before I go, I just want to say thanks to everyone who started following me or liked my posts.  It has been a great first week back to blogging, and I do believe I have a lot of sites to check out this weekend!  You all made this week special, and I seriously cannot thank you enough.  You have encouraged me to keep going with blogging and to continue sharing my world with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ok – I should go get ready for work.  Have a fantastic weekend and I will see all of you on Monday night!


End of the Week Jams for 9-19-14

I think this little widget only works if you have Spotify, so here is the list in case the link does not work:

Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson

Collar Full – Panic! at the Disco

Boom Clap – Charli XCX

Sing – Ed Sheeran

Biggie Bounce – Diplo feat. Annger Dimas and Travis Porter

Miss Alissa – Eagles of Death Metal

Come With Me Now – Kongos

Come Get It Bae – Pharrell

You Make Me (Diplo and Ookay Remix) – Avicii

You’re Doing Great!

One of my closest friends sent the drawing included in this blog to me through email today, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you. Sometimes, words of encouragement can be a major morale booster for people who have been living in a depressed state for awhile. The feeling I got when I opened my email and saw this was elation. I was elated because this means someone thought about me and took the time out of their schedule to send this my way, with hopes of making my day a good one. Well, she did a great job and I thank her for it.

I wish I knew who to give credit to for this drawing. If any of you know where this originated from, please let me know. I would like to give credit where it’s due.

Now, here’s to hoping you have a great day tomorrow as well!

Until we meet again tomorrow, sleep well and have wonderful, fantastic dreams of peace and love :-)




Wondrous Wednesdays – The Side Eye and Awesome Observations

Today . . . was the day of the side eye.  Everyone who walked passed me at work received the side eye because I was not in the greatest of moods.

You want me to help you fix the copier? *Side eye*

You need me to retype this document? *Side eye*

I need to pass these flyers out today? *Side eye*

I can no longer work 4 day work weeks AND you are giving away my office?!!!  *THE ULTIMATE SIDE EYE OF ANGST AND ANGER*

Yeah, that happened.  With a new boss comes changes, and with changes comes a very grumpy, on-edge and practically foaming at the mouth kind of Ruby.  I’m ok now, but it was all too much to take in.  I loved (still love) my office and my 4 day work weeks.  Fortunately, both things may not be permanent, so I am good with that.  Even if it is permanent, I will learn to live with it . . . just let me simmer in pain for a few months, and I will be just fine.

So, why is this post called Wondrous Wednesdays?  Since it is Hump Day, that means we have two more days until we are able to reach the best part of the week for those who work or attend school every day – THE WEEKEND!  You know how it is – you start your week on Monday pretty much counting down until Friday.  You try to fit all the fun events and activities you can possibly think of doing on Saturday and Sunday, and wallow in despair on Sunday night because you know you have to start the week all over again.  It’s kind of depressing when you think about it because it really does feel like we are wishing our lives away.  Monday through Thursdays, we sulk throughout the day because we are secretly wishing it was already Friday afternoon.  We don’t do much on those days expect work/go to school, go home, do more work, eat, sleep and the cycle starts all over again the next morning.  Before you realize, the years have gone by and you feel like you have missed out on so many opportunities because you were too busy wishing for the weekend to get here.

Well, I wanted to try to liven up the week and help us remember that each day is important to having an awesome life, not just the two days that close out our week.  On Wednesdays, I want to share good things that have happened during the week that made me notice how wonderful our lives truly are.  For each day of the week, I will jot down the things that catch my attention, and then on Wednesdays, I will share those things with you.  My goal is to get us to notice the little things around us and appreciate them as much as we do the big things.  The little things are what helps us get through the week.  You see what I’m saying?

So, since I just created this tonight, I only have today’s observation to share with you.  By next Wednesday, I will have at least 7 (and it can be more) things to share with you, one (or more) observation per day.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Here’s my wondrous observation for the day:

Fall is approaching us.  On my way to the doctor’s office for my appointment, I passed by a tree to my right.  Normally, I do not really pay attention to trees while I am driving, but today I noticed.  The bottom part on this particular tree was still green, but as your eyes looked up, it was about midway that the leaves started turning the official colors of autumn – red and yellow (can I say gold and auburn?).  It was so beautiful and it put a smile on my face.  Knowing most of the trees in the area will be changing colors soon, and following not too far behind is the cool, breezy weather of fall, my mood was a lot better by the time I arrived at my appointment.

See, it’s the little things :-)

Until we meet again tomorrow, sleep tight and have wonderful, fantastic dreams of peace and love :-)


Wisdom’s Mascot is in My Possession

Hello . . .

Hello, Hello!

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

Sorry.  I had to start the post off with some Beatles.  It’s what I am listening to while I type this out. Listening to music, typing words and drinking hot tea – well, it just does not get any better than that.

Not much to share – work was work and people were people.  I guess that’s the best way I can describe how things were today.  It was rainy and yucky ALL DAY LONG!  I did not get any writing done and I was only able to read a few pages of my book this morning (currently reading City of Bones from Cassandra Clare).

I did pick up my poster today, which was exciting!  A few days ago, I asked my friend Vinnie (known as Susan Scampini here) to create a poster for me to hang beside my bookshelf in my room.  I wanted a piece of art that featured an owl sitting on books – the owl is a symbol of wisdom, and we gain knowledge and wisdom from books.  Here is what my friend designed:


Of course you know I fell in love with it.  So, what was the logical thing to do if you love something?  You print it!  In the colossal downpour of rain that pretty much flooded every street, I got in my car after work, drove about 30 minutes in the rain to the nearest Sam’s and got my picture printed in poster size.   It looks amazing and I cannot wait to get it framed.  This is the poster now:

_MG_8088Once I get it a frame on it and hang it on my wall, I will take another picture for you all to see.  You can see where a little bit of the sides were cropped out during the printing, but I think the black sides of the frame will make up for the sides being slimmed down.  Her work truly amazes me.  I only told her the kind of style I really liked (the inspired style comes from an artist named Alphonse Mucha), and what I wanted her to include in the design.  This is her creation and I am so ecstatic about it.  I love my mini-library and really wanted a piece of original art to hang beside it.

Ok – I just had to share this with you.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I’m looking forward to it.  To be honest, today was a little bit on the rough side, but picking up my poster made a big difference.  It actually brought some sunshine on this dreary, gray, rainy Tuesday.

Until we meet again tomorrow, sleep tight and have wonderful, fantastic dreams of peace and love :-)


Books, Life and a New Website!

It has been many ages since my last post, but that is ok.  I am done with my hiatus from the world of blogging and am back to share lots of interesting things with you.  Well, it may or may not be interesting – that will really depend on you, the reader.

So, what I have I been up to for the past few months?  READING!  Actually, this month alone has seen an increase in my reading habits.  Since Sept. 2nd, I have read at least 5 books and am now on my 6th.  That may not mean much to any of you, but it is a big deal for me.

For the past year, I have had the hardest time focusing on books.  I would start one, and then lose any momentum I had to finish it.  It was really irritating me because reading is my escape from the world.  It helps balance my life from all the craziness around me and it gives me something to look forward to when I have a bad day.  Not being able to finish one book was so heartbreaking for me, and now, I have read 5 books in about two weeks.  That made me feel so good about myself.  I even bought some books from the bargain section at Books-A-Million.  My hunger to read is growing again, and I can’t hide my excitement about that.

I want to write reviews for all of them, and I still might.  I loved each book I have read so far, but since I started a separate  website for my writings, I think I will just add my reviews to that site.  Who knows – I might add the book reviews on both sites.  Would that be too much?

Wait . . . what new website?

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.39.49 PMYep, I started another site called Smith and Moon.  Smith and Moon is a story I started writing about a year ago, during NaNoWriMo.  I wanted to keep up with the story, but as the months passed by, the story was pushed to the side.  Recently, it came up in my mind again and I felt that creating a site for it will encourage me to write and finish the story.  I started the site in August and it only has one post so far.  My goal, as I said in the introduction, is to document the writing process.  I want to share all my fears and triumphs as I figure out what is going to happen with the story.  I want to include character profiles, settings, ideas about the plot, etc.  I also want to try to write short stories and book reviews.  It will be my main writing site :-)

This current site will now be my journal, as you have seen in the title.  Updates about everything will be here and I am excited about that.  I want to be honest in my writings, and what better way to do that is to create a journal.  This will be a fun, crazy and sometimes depressing journey, but it is one I am willing to take.  Maybe what I have to say may help someone else down the line, and I am ok with that.  Many things have happened in the past year, and as this year continues towards its end, I know many more changes and events will occur.  I want to share that with you, so I hope you are ok with that.

Well, 10 p.m is here and I must head to bed.  Until we meet again tomorrow, sleep tight and have wonderful, fantastic dreams of peace and love :-)